13 May 2013


Take a trip uptown around dusk tonight (May 13), and join the opening
reception for the City College 2013 Alumni and Student Biennial Exhibition. Hosted by the college's alumni association, the show features works by 18 students and alumni going back to the class of 1949 (Len Speier).
The exhibit has already begun and runs through June 30, but you can meet the artists at tonight’s event. Among the highlights: Upper West Side photographer and multimedia artist Kelly Irwin (class of 2000) will be on hand with her art car, an ongoing collaboration with artist Linus Coraggio.
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06 May 2013


Seeing-Eye People for Texters: A faux city service whose time has come? Watch the Time Out New York video I posted at MsManhattan.net.

Meanwhile, this live tweet, posted during Broadcasting & Cable's Women of New York event on May 2, captured my favorite moment of last week:

And the EVP of NBCUniversal said so forthrightly, unapologetically and without hesitation. While the moderators had lightheartedly promised to bounce anyone who live-tweeted during the event -- a move intended to foster complete candor among the high-profile female media executives on the panels -- Zalaznick gave her full permission for the crowd to trumpet her proclamation. Thank you, Ms. Zalaznick!