22 April 2013


For Earth Day, I decided to further my quest for truth in recycling, this time
taking a cold, hard look at my own numbers: How do I measure up when it comes to my own recycling habits? I continue to learn I’m not nearly as green as I think I am.

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19 April 2013


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Truth in Recycling NYC
New Yorkers put out between 366,000 and 423,000 tons of mixed-paper recyclables and between 250,000 and 331,000 tons of bottle-and-can recyclables each year. But are you recycling correctly? And what if you're not? Can you do more harm than good if you recycle something you shouldn’t?

Guide to Recycling NYC, Part 1
This first part of a three-part series spotlighting resources available at WasteLe$$, a comprehensive guide to recycling in the city, links you to the online facts on household recyclables, including how to separate and sort them for effective curbside recycling.

15 April 2013


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